Passport Renewal Forms

It can be really frustrating if your passport renewal application has been rejected because of a small smudge or six-degree tilt of your head in your passport photo. However, if your passport renewal application form is not filled with care, these reasons can result in its rejection.

However, in the present scenario, the process of passport renewal application is an arduous one, because of security issues. Different nations have different procedures to be followed while submitting a passport renewal application form. It begins with filling out the main application form, which is called DS-82 in the USA (only if your previous passport is not damaged or lost and you still bar the same name). Most of them also require other important documents like your birth certificate, other identification and passport-size photos. Along with this, the required payment has to be made. In case any error is found in the passport renewal application, it is returned to the applicant shortly.

Passport renewal application can be obtained through the Internet by downloading or can be requested by post. They can either be submitted via mail or, in exceptional cases, have to be personally presented to the passport issuing authorities. After completing the passport renewal application, it should be sent to the passport office of your country. A standard passport renewal application does not cost too much, with the fee varying from different places. While it is about $67 in USA, in Britain it comes up to 51 pounds. The average time taken for processing of a passport renewal application is about 6 weeks. Nonetheless, there are services offered which can speed up this process and complete it in as little as 24 hours!

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